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..and answers that will hopefully put your mind at ease

How do I know if you are the right producer for me?

I have an introductory Zoom call with every potential client, this is to get to know each other and for me to find out more about your project, vision and expectations. I will never take on a project if I don't think I can meet (and excel) your expectations.

How does this work remotely?

The very brief overview is this, once you have sent me your demo:

1. I produce it, send it to you and we schedule in a call

2. We have a Zoom call and you give me feedback / revision notes
3. I make the revisions discussed
Step 2 and 3 then repeat until I have made a maximum of 3 sets of revisions.
Depending on your needs we either stop there or initiate the next phase (eg mix), where revisions reset.

How do I know that I will be happy with the final result?

I communicate with my clients every step of the way. As long as you are honest and open with me when giving feedback there is absolutely no way you won't be happy with the finished product. If you fail to mention something you don't like out of politeness or fear of offending me, that doesn't help either of us - ultimately we both want what is best for the song, and honesty is how we get it.

How easy is it to speak with you?

I make myself available to speak to clients throughout most of the day to account for different timezones, and prioritise communication over anything else. I am very easy to get hold of and respond to messages and emails very quickly.

I’m in a different timezone, will this cause issues?

Nope! I am based in the UK but I have several clients in the US, Australia and other parts of Europe. I always send my schedule to clients via a Calendly link and they pick a time to speak that suits them.

How much do you charge?

Every price quote is tailored to your specific needs and timeframe so naturally no 2 quotes are the same, hence why my prices are not publicly displayed. Once you have filled out my contact form and I have all the info I need about your project I will email you a proposal that is personalised to you. This is a PDF document (roughly 12 pages long) detailing cost (with breakdowns), what is and isn't included, processes and timeframes, terms and conditions, and various other useful information.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Once you're certain that you want to go ahead (following our introduction call) you will need to pay a 50% up-front deposit. I am about to spend days / weeks working on this project with you, so this deposit is my insurance that you are fully committed. Please note that I will not begin any work until the deposit has been paid. The remaining 50% will be payable at the end of the project.

What files do I need to send you?

As much or as little as you have! At the bare minimum I need a rough vocal and chords so I can get a sense of the song (even just a phone recording will suffice), however if you have any other parts feel free to send those too (I may or may not use them)! The more you give me to work with the easier it is for me to understand and achieve your vision.

What if I still need to record my vocals?

If you don't have vocals recorded yet I will typically create a basic draft production of the whole song that you can record vocals over. I like to get vocals recorded as early as possible in the process as they are the most important element and the rest of the song will be sculpted around it. If you're based in the UK we can record your vocals at my studio in East London. If not I will leave it to you to find a studio in your local area.

Do you take songwriting or master royalties?

The only time I will ever expect to discuss royalties is if I have written the song with you, in which case we will agree on what splits we consider to be fair, and all will be done so in writing. However for production and mixing I do not take any royalties. All I ask out of courtesy is to be credited on streaming and social media platforms where possible, as this is very helpful in continuing to build my portfolio.

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